Rideshare Referral Bonus

So, welcome to retroactivereferralbonus.com. What is this all about? Well many of you have missed that opportunity to get a bonus or a guarantee when you join with Uber or Lyft, which means you signed up with them directly, under their website or directly at the hub and you were not referred by another driver. So, this is a chance to fill out a certain section in the app and get your bonus or your guarantee retroactively. Now, what’s important here is how many trips you’ve taken to date, right. So, if you’re still underneath that target that they require, 50, 75, 100 trips, you’re still good, you’re smiling. Reach out to me if you have questions. Go to the website and follow those very basic steps. I think it takes under two minutes to qualify or to enroll for your retroactive bonus. I hope you get it and I will gladly help you or show you how. Have a fantastic day.

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